Convenient Airport Parking...
Just A Mouse Click Away.
By Arline Bleecker

I don't know who said, "Getting there is half the fun," but as far as I'm concerned, that person had spent too much time in the sun. Getting there is no fun, particularly when you're flying to your cruise departure port. The last time I drove to the Newark airport for a flight to a cruise, I was shunted from one "sorry full" parking lot to another until I wound up with a 20-minute shuttle ride from my departure terminal.

So I perked up when an announcement that they now offered reservations on parking at airports throughout the United States and Canada.

Airport Parking reservations guarantees you a reserved spot, at a great price, and according to the website's Airport Parking Reservations page, says it has done the shopping among rival lots and offers a "selection of safe and secure parking operators within 5 minutes of the airport." All provide free shuttles to and from terminals.

To test the offer, I went online and entered the necessary data: airport name (Newark), date of departure and time I planned to park, as well as my return date and time. I was immediately rewarded with options for a week's parking spot that cost from $71.50 to $110.00 (including a $4 service fee).

The distance of each parking lot from the airport was noted, as were hours of operation and whether it is self-service or valet attended. Customer ratings also were offered. For instance, Park 2 Go got four stars based on 389 customer surveys, and Vista Airport Parking gained its four stars from 1,460 respondents.

When I opted for more information on each lot, I discovered Mr. B's Self Park provides a free carwash and Park 2 Go offers carwashes and oil changes for a fee.

Try out the airport parking reservation scheme here, you'll find links to 60 major airports in the U.S. and Canada

 Traffic Cameras

Interstate 76
I-76 EB W of Croton
I-76 EB Weadley Rd
I-76 WB W of Gypsy Rd
I-76 EB @ Gulph Mills
I-76 WB @ MM
I-76 EB W of Matsnfrd
I-76 WB @ MM 332
I-76 EB@MM 332.6
I-76 WB Consh Crve
I-76 EB Ramp to US 202/422
I-76 EB West of Gladwyne
I-76 WB West of Gladwyne
I-76 WB East of Gladwyne
I-76 WB West of Belmont
I-76 EB @ Belmont
I-76 WB East of Belmonte
I-76 WB @ City Ave
I-76 EB @ City Ave
I-76 EB @ US1
I-76 EB Ramp to US1 N
I-76 WB West of Montgomery Dr
I-76 EB @ Montgomery
I-76 EB East of Montgomery
I-76 EB West of Girard
I-76 EB @ Girard
I-76 WB East of Girard
I-76 EB West of Spring Garden
I-76 WB Spring Garden
I-76 EB @ I-676
I-76 WB East of I-676
I-76 WB @ 30th St
I-76 WB West of South Street
I-76 EB East of South Street
I-76 EB @ University Ave
I-76 EB East of Grays Ferry
I-76 EB @ Vare Ave
I-76 EB Ramp to Passyunk Ave
I-76 EB to 26th Street
I-76 WB @ I476 Interchange
I-76 WB @ Conshohocken Curve
I-76 EB West of Waverly
I-76 EB East of Waverly

Interstate 95
I-95 NB-95 Indiana St
I-95 NB-95 Castor Ave
I-95 SB-95 Betsy Ross
I-95 SB-95 Wakelng St
I-95 NB-95 Vankirk
I-95 SB-95 Disston St
I-95 NB-95 N of COTMN
I-95 SB-95 Penny Pack
I-95 NB-95 S of Amtrak
I-95 SB-95 Academy Rd
I-95 NB-95 Convent Av
I-95 SB-95 Mil Rd
I-95- 895 Tennis Ave
I-95 NB-Ramp to PA 63
I-95 SB- 95 Woodhaven
I-95 NB-95 Station Av
I-95 SB Island Airport
I-95 SB-EnterPR/Bart
I-95 SB-Broad St.
I-95 NB /WWB Packer
I-95 SB-Packer/Front
I-95 SB-Tasker/Reed
I-95 Wash/Columbus
I-95 SB-Girard Ave
I-95 SB-Aramingo/Gir
I-95 NB Ramp to I-76 North
I-95 NB 95@Vine Exp/BF Bridge
I-95 NB 95@Race St.
I-95 SB @Vine/Callowhill

Interstate 476
I-476 NB-North of US 1
I-476 NB-Reed Rd
I-476 NB-Blue Rt :7.4
I-476 NB- Lawrence Rd:8.1
I-476 SB-US 30 RMP:13
I-476-US 30/Exit #13
I-476 SB CNTY Ln:13.9
I-476 SB No of Cnty LN
I-476 NB Blue Rt:15.1
I-476 NB @ I-76/Exit 16B
I-476 NB Access Rd BRDG
I-476 SB S of Ridge PK
I-476 NB N of Ridge PK
I-476 McDade on Ramp
I-476 SB @ Mcdade Blvd/Exit 1
I-476 SB @Balt Pike
I-476 SB @ US1

PA Route 100
PA 100 NB @ Phoenixville
PA 100 NB BEF Kirkland
PA 100 SB AFT Pottstown
PA 100 NB BEF MTN View
PA 100 NB @ SR3070
PA 100 NB @Sunrise BLVD
PA 100 NB @Worthington
PA 100 SB AFT PA 113
PA 100 NB @PA Turnpike

PA Route 291
PA 291 WB E of I-76

PA Route 309
PA 309 SB @ Easton Rd
PA 309 NB @Susquehanna
PA 309 NB @ Beth PK Mrg
Rt 309NB@PA Turnpike

PA Route 676
I-676WB 676@24th St
I-676EB 676@Ben Franklin Pkwy
I-676WB 676@20th St
I-676WB 676@18th St
I-676EB 676@16th St
I-676WB 676@Broad St
I-676WB 676@11th St
I-676EB 676@8th St
I-676EB 676@3rd St

US Route 1
US 1 NB South of Henry
US 1 SB @ Fox Street
US 1 SB @ Wissahickon
US 1 NB @ Roberts/Berkley
US 1 NB @ 17th Street
US 1 SB @ Broad Street
US 1 @ 9th Street

US Route 30
US 30 EB @ PA 100
US 30 EB before PA 100
US 30 WB@BUS 230 Ramp
US 30 WB before PA 113
US 30 WB before PA 282
US 30 WB @ PA 322
US 30 EB after PA 340

US Route 63
US 63 WB @ Millbrk Rd

US Route 202
US 202 @Town CTR RD
US 202 @ Allendale
US 202 NB US 202/I/76
US 202 SB US 202/PA 422
US 202 NB @ W Valley Rd
US 202 SB @ US 252
US 202 N of US 252
US 202 NB N of Chesterbrk
US 202 SB @ Howelvl Rd
US 202 NB N of N Valley
US 202 SB N of Cedar Hollow Rd
US 202 SB @ PA 29
US 202 NB N of Mill Lane
US 202 SB @ Church Rd
US 202 NB S of PA 401
US 202 SB @ US 30
US 202 SB S of King Rd
US 202 NB@Morstein Rd
US 202 NB@Boot Rd
US 202 SB@ PA 100
US 202 SB @PA 322
US 202 NB N or Paoli
US 202 NB@W Chester P
US 202 NB N of Westtn R
US 202 NB S of Bolmar S
US 202 NB@PA 322
US 202 NB N of Skiles Blvd
US 202 SB @ PA 926
US 202 SB S of Green Tr Dr
US 202 SB@Watkins
US 202 SB @ US1
US 202 Ramp L @ Ramp O
US 202 Ramp L @ Cont BL
US 202 Ramp L @ 76

US Route 422
US 422 EB-422 @ PA Turnpike
US 422 WB-422@PA 23
US 422 WB-422 @ PA 363
US 422 WB-422 W of PA 363
US 422 EB- 422 PWLNGS RD
US 422 EB- 422 W of Perk
US 422 WB-422 Egypt Rd
US 422 EB-422 Indn Head
US 422 WB-422 Cider Mil
US 422 WB-422 E of PA 29

Platt Bridge
WB Platt Bridge Midspan
WB Platt Bridge

26th Street
26th Street to 76 WB
26th Street & Penrose Ave




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