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National Nurses Week

National Nurses week is celebrated on May 6th and opens National Nurses Week. National Nurses Week begins each year on May 6th and ends on May 12th, the birth date of Florence Nightingale.

National Nurses Week is one of the largest health care events, recognizing the contributions and commitments nurses make and educating the public about the significant work they perform. The American Nurses Association (ANA) supports National Nurses Week through state and district nurses associations, educational facilities, and independent health care companies and institutions. The week-long celebration is designed to accommodate the variety of schedules nurses are required to work.

Activities during National Nurses Week typically include banquets and recognition dinners, state and city proclamations, continuing education seminars, and other community events. Nurses are typically honored with gifts, dinners, and flowers by friends and family members, coworkers such as doctors and administrators, and patients who want to show their appreciation.


Nature of the Work | Working Conditions | Employment | Training, Other Qualifications, and Advancement | Job Outlook | Earnings | Related Occupations | Sources of Additional Information


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National Institute of Nursing Research  - nursing research and training programs, grants and funding opportunities, collaborative research projects, and minority research supplements.
More sites about:  U.S. Department of Health and Human Services > National Institutes of Health (NIH)



Nurse Staffing and Patient Outcomes in Hospitals Study  - report that concludes that adequate nursing care is vital to patients, and that hospitals are understaffed with nurses. From the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, April 2001.
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Professional Licensure
Commissions, Elections, and Legislation
State Athletic Commission
Meetings and Events
Links to Other Sites
Pennsylvania Home Site
PA Open For Business
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Governor Tom Ridge Secretary Kim PizzingrilliPennsylvania Department of State
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Pennsylvania Seal

Through the implementation of innovative policies and new technologies, we are creating a "friction-free" environment by improving access to government, promoting responsible regulation, and enhancing efforts against those who violate the public trust.

Please be advised that several Department of State offices have been relocated to the 2nd Floor of the North Office Building in Harrisburg as follows:
    - The Corporation Bureau is now located in Room 206.
    - The Bureau of Commissions, Elections, & Legislation is now located in Room 210.
    - The Bureau of Charitable Organizations is now located in Room 207.

Health-Related Boards
State Board of Chiropractic
State Board of Dentistry
State Board of Medicine
State Board of Nursing
State Board of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrators
State Board of Occupational Therapy
State Board of Optometry
State Board of Osteopathic Medicine
State Board of Pharmacy
State Board of Physical Therapy
State Board of Podiatry
State Board of Psychology
State Board of Speech-Language and Hearing Examiners
State Board of Veterinary Medicine

Nursing on the Net: Health Care Resources You Can Use

A Web Sampler of Resources for Nursing Professionals




Allied Health Resources

University of South Alabama (Mobile, AL)--Medical Specialties: Allied Health Professions

Virginia Commonwealth University, Tompkins-McCaw Library for the Health Sciences (Richmond, VA)--Occupational Therapy Resources

Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine Homepage (University of Pittsburgh)

Dietary Supplements Labels Database

Memorial Sloane Kettering Cancer Center: AboutHerbs

NCCAM: National Center for Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Online Resources -- Bastyr University

Associations and Organizations

AACN: American Association of Critical-Care Nurses

AORN: Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses

American Academy of Nurse Practitioners

American Association of Occupational Health Nurses

American College of Nurse-Midwives

American College of Nurse Practitioners

American Nurses Association

Association of Rehabilitation Nurses

AFT Healthcare: Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals

National Association of School Nurses

National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Inc.

National Institute of Nursing Research (NIH)

National League for Nursing

National Student Nurses' Association

NIH Clinical Center Nursing Department

Sigma Theta Tau International - Honor Society of Nursing

Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society (WOCN)

Continuing Education

ANA (American Nursing Association) 2000 Continuing Online Education

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention FREE Continuing Education Activity

Medscape (Nursing)

Nursing Online Continuing Education (CEUS) on: The Nurse Friendly

Disease Resources


American Cancer Society


National Cancer Institute

Oncolink (U of Pennsylvania Cancer Center)


American Diabetes Association

National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse (NDIC)


Association of Nurses in AIDS Care

CDC Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention

CDC HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report

University of California San Francisco-HIV Insite

Drug Information

CenterWatch: Drugs Approved by the FDA

Daily Med

FDA Consumer Drug Information


MedlinePlus Drug Information

RxList: Internet Drug Index

Evidence Based Nursing

Academic Center for Evidenced-Based Practice (ACE), Center for Excellence in the School of Nursing of the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ): Evidence-based Practice

Cochrane Library

EBN Online

EBP: What's in Your Tool Belt? Building Better EBP Searching for Librarians & Nurses

Evidence Based Nursing -- UNC - Health Sciences Library

Evidence Based Nursing - University of Minnesota

General Internet Usage

Evaluating Internet Sites

Medlineplus Guide to Healthy Web Surfing

National Cancer Institute -- How to Evaluate Health Information on the Internet: Questions and Answers

NN/LM: Internet Discovery Tools

The Quality of Medical Information on the Internet: A New Public Health Concern. McLeod, Stephen D. The Quality of Medical Information on the Internet: A New Public Health Concern. Archives of Ophthalmology. 116:12, December 1998

How Do People Evaluate A Web Site's Credibility? Results from A Large Study. A Consumer WebWatch research report, prepared by Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab, October 29, 2002.

Government Agencies / Other Databases

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Genetics Home Reference

Household Products Database

Mayo Clinic



National Guideline Clearinghouse

National Library of Medicine

National Institute of Research Nursing

NIH - Health Information

NIH Senior Health


Partners in Information Access for Public Health Professionals


Tox Town

Health Frauds

Federal Trade Commission Operation Cure All


MedlinePlus (Click on Health Topics and Select Health Fraud)

U.S. Food and Drug Administration Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition Warnings and Safety Information

U.D. Food and Drug Administration Center - Buying Medicines and Medical Products Online

U.S. Food and Drug Administration How to Spot Health Fraud

Health News

ABC News: Health

CBS News: Healthwatch

CNN: Health


MedlinePlus Health News

MedlinePlus E-mail Announcement Lists

NBC News: Health

New York Times: Health

Interactive Tutorials

MedlinePlus Health Tutorials

Mailing Lists/Discussion Groups

Google Groups

Primary Care Internet Guide: Nursing

Topica: Email Discussion Lists

Multicultural Resources

Multilingual Health Information

Nursing Resources
There are many WWW sites devoted to nursing - so many in fact, that it can sometimes be confusing trying to find the specific information that you need. Following is a sampler of sites that can provide a wide variety of excellent information for you and your users.

Access Nurses Travel Nursing Jobs

Achoo Gateway to HealthCare

American Nursing Association

Brownson's Nursing Notes

CarePlan Resource Center


Discover Nursing


Humboldt State University: Nursing Resources on the Web

Immunization Action Coalition

Martindale's Virtual Nursing Center

NARIC's National Rehabilitation Information Center

Nurse Portal

Nurse Web Search


Nursing Jobs

Nursing Portal Nursing

Oncology Nursing Society



University of Florida College of Nursing Resources for Student Writers

US Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook: Registered Nurses

Yahoo: Nursing

Nursing Standards

American Nurses Association

National League for Nursing

NIH Clinical Center Nursing Department Standards of Practice

Online Journals / Newsletters / Full Text Resources

AJN - American Journal of Nursing

AORN Journal (subscription included with AORN membership; nomember subscriptions are available)

Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner Care

British Journal of Nursing


Internet Journal of Advanced Nursing Practice



NN/LM: Ejournals

Nurse Beat-Cardiac Nursing Electric Journal

Online Journal of Issues in Nursing

ONJI--On-line Journal of Nursing Informatics

WCI's On-Line Newsletters

World Wide Wounds

Other Resources

Health Hotlines from the National Library of Medicine

NORD - National Organization for Rare Disorders

NIH - Office of Rare Disease

PDA Resources

Beam me up! Supporting PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) in Medical Libraries

NLM Mobile

Nursing Resources for the PDA

University of Illinois Chicago - PDA Resources: Health Sciences Resources for PDAs

Point of Care to Your Palm: PDAs Playing in Peoria

School Nurses Resources

American School Health Association

Gerri Harvey's School Nurse Perspective

The Internet for School Nurses

Martha Dewey Bergren's Web Links

National Association of School Nurses

National Association of State Boards of Education -- Center for Safe and Healthy Schools, State School Healthy Policy Database

National School Boards Association School Health Programs

School Nurse

School Nurse State Associations

Women's Health

Alan Guttmacher Institute

Drugs and Lactation Database (LactMed)

Internet Health Library: Women's Health

La Leche League International

National Women Health Information Center Universe of Women's Health

OBC--Online Birth Center

Men's Health

CDC Men's health

National Prostate Cancer Coalition

Children's Health

American Academy of Pediatrics -- School Health Resources for Pediatricians

CDC: Body and Mind

CDC: Adolescent and School Health

FDA Kids'

Kids Health for Kids

Virtual Children's Hospital: A Digital Library of Pediatric Information -- Pediatric Common Questions Quick Answers

Virtual Children's Hospital: A Digital Library of Pediatric Information -- ElectricAirway: Upper Airway Problems in Children



Alabama Board of Nursing   
P.O. Box 303900  
Montgomery, AL 36130  
Phone: (334) 242-4060  
FAX: (334) 242-4360  
Executive Director: Judi Crume, RN, MSN Executive Officer  

Alaska Board of Nursing  
Dept. of Comm. & Econ. Development  
Div. of Occupational Licensing  
3601 C Street, Suite 722  
Anchorage, AK 99503  
Phone: (907) 269-8161  
FAX: (907) 269-8156  
Executive Director: Dorothy Fulton, RN, MA Executive Director  

American Samoa Health Services Regulatory Board  
LBJ Tropical Medical Center  
Pago Pago, AS 96799  
Phone: (684) 633-1222  
FAX: (684) 633-1869  
Executive Director: Marie Ma'o, RN, MS Director, Nursing Services  

Arizona State Board of Nursing  
1651 E. Morten Avenue, Suite 150  
Phoenix, AZ 85020  
Phone: (602) 255-5092  
FAX: (602) 255-5130  
Executive Director: Joey Ridenour, RN, MN Executive Director  

Arkansas State Board of Nursing  
University Tower Building  
1123 S. University, Suite 800  
Little Rock, AR 72204  
Phone: (501) 686-2700  
FAX: (501) 686-2714  
Executive Director: Faith Fields, RN, MSN Executive Director  

California Board of Registered Nursing  
P.O. Box 944210  
Sacramento, CA 94244  
Phone: (916) 322-3350  
FAX: (916) 327-4402  
1123 S. University, Suite 800  
Executive Director: Ruth Ann Terry, RN, MPH Executive Officer  
California Board of Vocational Nurse  
and Psychiatric Technician Examiners  
2535 Capitol Oaks Drive, Suite 205  
Sacramento, CA 95833  
Phone: (916) 263-7800  
FAX: (916) 263-7859  
Executive Director: Teresa Bello-Jones, RN, MSN, JD Executive Officer  

Colorado Board of Nursing  
1560 Broadway, Suite 670  
Denver, CO 80202  
Phone: (303) 894-2430  
FAX: (303) 894-2821  
Executive Director: Karen Brumley, RN, BSN, MA Program Administrator  

Connecticut Board of Examiners for Nursing  
Division of Health Systems Regulation  
410 Capitol Avenue, MS# 12HSR  
Hartford, CT 06134  
Phone: (860) 509-7624  
FAX: (860) 509-7286  
Executive Director: Wendy Furniss, RNC, MS Health Services Supervisor, Certification  

Delaware Board of Nursing  
Cannon Building, Suite 203  
Phone: (302) 739-4522  
Dover, DE 19903  
P.O. Box 1401  
FAX: (302) 739-2711  
Executive Director: Iva Boardman, RN, MSN Executive Director  

District of Columbia Board of Nursing  
614 H. Street, N.W.  
Washington, DC 20001  
Phone: (202) 727-7468  
FAX: (202) 727-7662  
Executive Director: Barbara Hagans, Contact Person  

Florida Board of Nursing  
4080 Woodcock Drive, Suite 202  
Jacksonville, FL 32207  
Phone: (904) 858-6940  
FAX: (904) 858-6964  
Executive Director: Marilyn Bloss, RN, RNC, MSN Executive Director  

Georgia State Board of Licensed Practical Nurses  
166 Pryor Street, S.W.  
Atlanta, GA 30303  
Phone: (404) 656-3921  
FAX: (404) 651-9532  
Executive Director: Patricia Swann, Executive Director  
Georgia Board of Nursing  
166 Pryor Street, S.W.  
Atlanta, GA 30303  
Phone: (404) 656-3943  
FAX: (404) 657-7489  
Executive Director: Shirley Camp, RN, JD Executive Director  

Guam Board of Nurse Examiners  
P.O. Box 2816  
Agana, GU 96910  
Phone: (671) 475-0251  
FAX: (671) 477-4733  
Executive Director: Teofila Cruz, RN Nurse Examiner Administrator  

Hawaii Board of Nursing  
Professional and Vocational Licensing Division  
P.O. Box 3469  
Honolulu, HI 96801  
Phone: (808) 586-2695  
FAX: (808) 586-2689  
Executive Director: Kathleen Yokouchi, Executive Officer  

Idaho Board of Nursing  
P.O. Box 83720  
Boise, ID 83720  
Phone: (208) 334-3110  
FAX: (208) 334-3262  
Executive Director: Sandra Evans, RN, MA,Ed. Executive Director  

Illinois Department of Professional Regulation   
James R. Thompson Center  
100 West Randolph, Suite 9-300 
Chicago, IL 60601  
Phone: (312) 814-2715  
FAX: (312) 814-3145  
Executive Director: Jacqueline Waggoner, RN, MSN Nursing Act Coordinator  

Indiana State Board of Nursing   
Health Professions Bureau  
402 W. Washington Street, Suite 041  
Indianapolis, IN 46204  
Phone: (317) 232-2960  
FAX: (317) 233-4236  
Executive Director: Laura Langford, RN Executive Director  

Iowa Board of Nursing   
State Capitol Complex  
1223 East Court Avenue  
Des Moines, IA 50319  
Phone: (515) 281-3255  
FAX: (515) 281-4825  
Executive Director: Lorinda Inman, RN, MSN Executive Director  

Kansas State Board of Nursing   
Landon State Office Building  
900 S.W. Jackson, Suite 551-S  
Topeka, KS 66612  
Phone: (913) 296-4929  
FAX: (913) 296-3929  
Executive Director: Patsy Johnson, RN, MN Executive Administrator  

Kentucky Board of Nursing  
312 Whittington Parkway, Suite 300  
Louisville, KY 40222  
Phone: (502) 329-7006  
FAX: (502) 329-7011  
Executive Director: Sharon Weisenbeck, RN, MS Executive Director  

Louisiana State Board of Practical   
Nurse Examiners  
3421 N. Causeway Boulevard, Suite 203  
Metairie, LA 70002  
Phone: (504) 838-5791  
FAX: (504) 838-5279  
Executive Director: Terry DeMarcay, RN, BS, M.S. Executive Director  
Louisiana State Board of Nursing   
3510 N. Causeway Boulevard, Suite 501  
Metairie, LA 70002  
Phone: (504) 838-5332  
FAX: (504) 838-5349  
Executive Director: Barbara Morvant, RN, MN Executive Director  

Maine State Board of Nursing  
158 State House Station  
Augusta, ME 04333  
Phone: (207) 287-1133  
FAX: (207) 287-1149  
Executive Director: Jean Caron, RN, MS Executive Director  

Maryland Board of Nursing   
4140 Patterson Avenue  
Baltimore, MD 21215  
Phone: (410) 764-5124  
FAX: (410) 358-3530  
Executive Director: Donna Dorsey, RN, MS Executive Director  

Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing   
Leverett Saltonstall Building  
100 Cambridge Street, Room 1519  
Boston, MA 02202  
Phone: (617) 727-  
FAX: (617) 727-2197  
Executive Director: Theresa Bonanno, Executive Director  

State of Michigan CIS/Office of Health Services   
Ottawa Towers North  
611 W. Ottawa, 4th Floor  
Lansing, MI 48933  
Phone: (517) 373-9102  
FAX: (517) 373-2179  
Executive Director: Brenda Rogers, Assistant Administrator  

Minnesota Board of Nursing   
2829 University Avenue SE  
Suite 500  
Minneapolis, MN 55414  
Phone: (612) 617-2270  
FAX: (612) 617-2190  
Executive Director: Joyce Schowalter, Executive Director  

Mississippi Board of Nursing  
239 N. Lamar Street, Suite 401  
Jackson, MS 39201  
Phone: (601) 359-6170  
FAX: (601) 359-6185  
Executive Director: Marcia Rachel, RN, PhD. Executive Director  

Missouri State Board of Nursing   
P.O. Box 656  
Jefferson City, MO 65102  
Phone: (573) 751-0681  
FAX: (573) 751-0075  
Executive Director: Florence Stillman, RN, MSN Executive Director  
Montana State Board of Nursing  
111 North Jackson  
Helena, MT 59620  
Phone: (406) 444-2071  
FAX: (406) 444-7759  
Executive Director: Dianne Wickham, RN, MN Executive Director  

Dept. of Health and Human Services Regulation and Licensure  
Credentialing Div.- Nursing/Nursing Support Section  
P.O. Box 94986  
Lincoln, NE 68509  
Phone: (402) 471-4376  
FAX: (402) 471-3577  
Executive Director: Charlene Kelly, RN, PhD. Section Administrator  
Nevada State Board of Nursing  
1755 East Plumb Lane  
Suite 260  
Reno, NV 89502  
Phone: (702) 786-2778  
FAX: (702) 322-6993  
Executive Director: Kathy Apple, RN, MS Executive Director  

New Hampshire Board of Nursing  
Health & Welfare Building  
6 Hazen Drive  
Concord, NH 03301  
Phone: (603) 271-2323  
FAX: (603) 271-6605  
Executive Director: Doris Nuttelman, RN, EdD. Executive Director  

New Jersey Board of Nursing   
P.O. Box 45010  
Newark, NJ 07101  
Phone: (201) 504-6586  
FAX: (201) 648-3481  
Executive Director: Patricia Lynch-Polansky, Executive Director  

New Mexico Board of Nursing   
4206 Louisiana Boulevard, NE  
Suite A  
Albuquerque, NM 87109  
Phone: (505) 841-8340  
FAX: (505) 841-8347  
Executive Director: Nancy Twigg, RN, MSN Executive Director  

New York State Board of Nursing   
State Education Department  
Cultural Education Center, Room 3023  
Albany, NY 12230  
Phone: (518) 474-3845  
FAX: (518) 473-0578  
Executive Director: Milene Sower, RN, PhD Executive Secretary  

Commonwealth Board of Nurse Examiners   
Public Health Center  
Saipan, MP 96950  
P.O. Box 1458  
Phone: (670) 234-8950  
FAX: (670) 234-8930  
Executive Director: Elizabeth Torres-Untalan, RN Chairperson  

North Carolina Board of Nursing  
3724 National Drive  
Raleigh, NC 27602  
Phone: (919) 782-3211  
FAX: (919) 781-9461  
Executive Director: Polly Johnson, RN, MSN Executive Director  

North Dakota Board of Nursing   
919 South 7th Street, Suite 504  
Bismarck, ND 58504  
Phone: (701) 328-9777  
FAX: (701) 328-9785  
Executive Director: Ida Rigley, RN, MS Executive Director  

Ohio Board of Nursing 
77 South High Street, 17th Floor  
Columbus, OH 43215  
Phone: (614) 466-3947  
FAX: (614) 466-0388  
Executive Director: Dorothy Fiorino, RN, MS Executive Director  

Oklahoma Board of Nursing  
2915 N. Classen Boulevard, Suite 524  
Oklahoma City, OK 73106  
Phone: (405) 525-2076  
FAX: (405) 521-6089  
Executive Director: Sulinda Moffett, RN, MSN Executive Director  

Oregon State Board of Nursing  
800 NE Oregon Street, Box 25  
Suite 465  
Portland, OR 97232  
Phone: (503) 731-4745  
FAX: (503) 731-4755  
Executive Director: Joan Bouchard, RN, MN Executive Director  

Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing  
P.O. Box 2649  
Harrisburg, PA 17105  
Phone: (717) 783-  
FAX: (717) 783-0822  
Executive Director: Miriam Limo, RN, MS, MSN Executive Secretary  

Commonwealth of Puerto Rico  
Board of Nurse Examiners  
Santurce, PR 00908  
Call Box 10200  
Phone: (787) 725-8161  
FAX: (787) 725-7903  
Executive Director: Beverly Davila, Executive Director  

Rhode Island Board of Nurse  
Registration and Nursing Education  
Cannon Health Building  
Three Capitol Hill, Room 104  
Providence, RI 02908  
Phone: (401) 277-2827  
FAX: (401) 277-1272  
Executive Director: Carol Lietar, Executive Officer  

South Carolina State Board of Nursing  
110 Centerview Drive  
Suite 202  
Columbia, SC 29210  
Phone: (803) 896-4550  
FAX: (803) 896-4525  
Executive Director: Barbara Kellogg, MN, RN Program Nurse Consultant  

South Dakota Board of Nursing  
3307 South Lincoln Avenue  
Sioux Falls, SD 57105  
Phone: (605) 367-5940  
FAX: (605) 367-5945  
Executive Director: Diana Vander Woude, RN, MS Executive Secretary  

Tennessee State Board of Nursing  
426 Fifth Avenue North  
1st Floor - Cordell Hull Building  
Nashville, TN 37247  
Phone: (615) 532-5166  
FAX: (615) 741-7899  
Executive Director: Elizabeth Lund, RN, MSN Executive Director  

Texas Board of Nurse Examiners  
P.O. Box 430  
Austin, TX 78767  
Phone: (512) 305-7400  
FAX: (512) 305-7401  
Executive Director: Katherine Thomas, RN, MN Executive Director  
Texas Board of Vocational   
Nurse Examiners  
William P. Hobby Building, Tower 3  
333 Guadalupe Street, Suite 3-400  
Austin, TX 78701  
Phone: (512) 305-8100  
FAX: (512) 305-8101  
Executive Director: Marjorie Bronk, RN, MSHP Executive Director  

Utah State Board of Nursing   
Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing  
Salt Lake City, UT 84145  
Phone: (801) 530-6628  
FAX: (801) 530-6511  
Executive Director: Laura Poe, RN, MS Executive Administrator  

Vermont State Board of Nursing  
109 State Street  
Montpelier, VT 05609  
Phone: (802) 828-2396  
FAX: (802) 828-2484  
Executive Director: Anita Ristau, RN, MS Executive Director  

Virgin Islands Board of Nurse Licensure  
Veterans Drive Station  
St. Thomas, VI 00803  
Phone: (340) 776-7397  
FAX: (340) 777-4003  
Executive Director: Winifred Garfield, RN, CRNA Executive Secretary  

Virginia Board of Nursing   
6606 W. Broad Street, 4th Floor  
Richmond, VA 23230  
Phone: (804) 662-9909  
FAX: (804) 662-9943  
Executive Director: Nancy Durrett, RN, MSN Executive Director  

Washington State Nursing Care Quality  
Assurance Commission  
Department of Health  
Olympia, WA 98504  
Phone: (360) 753-2686  
FAX: (360) 586-2165  
Executive Director: Patty Hayes, RN, MN Executive Director  

West Virginia State Board of Examiners for Practical Nurses  
101 Dee Drive  
Charleston, WV 25311  
Phone: (304) 558-3572  
FAX: (304) 558-4367  
Executive Director: Nancy Wilson, Executive Secretary  

Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing   
1400 E. Washington Avenue  
Madison, WI 53708  
Phone: (608) 266-2112  
FAX: (608) 267-0644  
Executive Director: Thomas Neumann, RN, MSN Administrative Officer  

Wyoming State Board of Nursing  
2020 Carey Avenue, Suite 110  
Cheyenne, WY 82002  
Phone: (307) 777-7601  
FAX: (307) 777-3519  
Executive Director: Toma Nisbet, RN, MS, BSN, CS Executive Director  




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